Women mentors, speakers, authors and influencers who want to help other women reach higher levels of success:

You are a light in the world and you know that there is a powerful calling on your life. Your journey thus far has prepared you to impact the masses in a profound and unique way.

So how will you reach the people you are meant to impact?
What tools will you use to make that change last?

The OverFlow Certified Coach Training Program could be the solution you’ve been looking for.

My name is Monique Caradine-Kitchens and I am a former broadcaster turned Certified Coach to women in leadership. Over the years, I’ve helped hundreds of women step into their purpose and create breakthroughs in the areas of money and influence.

My ultimate goal is to cultivate a generation of women who have more than enough of everything that they desire, especially when it comes to money. This generation of women will also create a legacy of wealth that their children and families can benefit from for years to come.

Why this work sets my soul on fire.

I struggled with money well into my late 30s. Even though I had a successful media career, my money situation was mediocre at best. I didn’t know how to negotiate a respectable salary, I didn’t know how to set my fees, I didn’t have a lot of money saved, I didn’t earn what my counterparts earned and truthfully, deep down inside, I didn’t feel that I was worthy of more.

I was so frustrated. I was stressed. I was tired of working so hard but never earning the kind of money I felt I deserved. I honestly think that all the stress I felt around money, work and self-worth manifested itself as a painful chronic condition that I suffered with for years.

Eventually, I began studying the habits of wealthy women and understanding the truth about money and abundance.

As I started to learn more about how money REALLY works, I realized that my experience was not unique. Many women—especially women of color—struggle with money. To put it bluntly, we know how to “show up” looking fabulous from head to toe but too often the bank account doesn’t match the image. This was my story. Does it sound familiar to you?

The good news is, it doesn’t have to be this way! Lack and financial insecurity may have been a part of your past but it is NOT a part of your destiny.

I believe the word of God when it says “…my cup overflows.” I believe that if you want to make a major investment in a house, a car, your kid’s college education or whatever you choose, you should have the resources to do so without stressing out about it. Don’t you agree?

I know from personal experience that once a woman gets a hold of the tools and support she needs from a trained coach, she can then begin to experience significant breakthroughs in her money and her life. When you add God into that mix, you become completely unstoppable.

I did the work.

I thought that you had to work hard your whole life in order to make a lot of money. I thought only certain people had access to it. I also questioned whether I was worthy of it.

Today, thanks to YEARS of training and coaching,I know the TRUTH and the truth has set me free! My brand is growing, I have money in the bank, I tithe and give generously, our family is deeply involved in philanthropic efforts nationally and abroad and I NEVER worry about money. Anytime a money challenge shows up (as they occasionally do), I activate specific tools to overcome those challenges immediately.

In 2012, I became certified as a coach and have enjoyed helping women achieve their goals every since. I started hosting mastermind groups, coaching programs and workshops that would easily sell-out. Lives were being changed!

In 2015, at the persistent urging of Priscilla Williams (one of my clients), I developed the OverFlow Certified Coach Training program. She was so pleased with her personal transformation after being in my mastermind group that she wanted to do the same for other women.

Today, thanks in part to Priscilla, I am honored to be at the forefront of a new coaching movement designed to help women of color use biblical and spiritual principles to live in abundance.

I designed the OverFlow Certified Coach training program to show women of color three things:

  • 1
    How to end money drama and create lasting wealth
  • 2
    How to partner with God and start living in their Divine purpose and
  • 3
    How to unleash their overflow.

See yourself doing this life-changing work.

Helping women of color dramatically change their money situation is a huge assignment and I cannot do it alone. In order to connect sisters around the nation and the world to their overflow, I need other God-believing, Spirit-led foot soldiers who are just as passionate about this mission.

So I’m inviting you to consider becoming an OverFlow Certified Coach. Currently there’s a small group of women already working as OverFlow Certified Coaches. It is now time to expand the team!

When you complete this program, you’ll not only have the ability to transform your own money situation, you can also coach other women to do the same.

Coach Elle Davis

The overflow certification program gave me the tools and resources I needed to confidently guide my clients on a journey of self-reflection. It was the training I needed to enhance my skills and own my ability to coach.

The OverFlow Coach Certification program may be for you if:

  • You’re in ministry and you want to take your message into the marketplace.
  • You’re a speaker, author, trainer or thought-leader who wants to add an additional income stream/credential to your business model.
  • You have a desire to break the cycle of lack among women, especially those that are gifted, talented and are worthy of so much more.
  • You currently call yourself a coach but lack the training needed to really help your clients experience deep, lasting results.
  • You want to be trained in a program that is centered on God and the Word of God.
  • You want to be a part of a community of other Spirit-led women who have an OverFlow mindset.

Coach Priscilla Williams

I took the Overflow Coaching Certification program in 2015 becoming one of the very first coaches. It completely changed my life and my business for the better. Once I became a certified coach it made me more marketable and allowed me to attract the right clients into my programs. My business revenue not only increased, but It positioned me to ask for top dollar. Since becoming a certified coach I have been able to coach multiple clients, facilitate coaching programs and utilize the coaching skills I’ve learned in the program to expand my work as a Registered Nurse. I am so honored to be a certified Overflow Coach!

Here’s some of what you’ll learn in
the OverFlow Certified Coach program:


Clients, Breakthroughs and the Fundamentals of OverFlow Coaching

You’ll learn:

  • The keys to powerful, life-changingcoaching.
  • Living beyond your EGO.
  • How to help women get unstuck and “re-write” their story.
  • How to activatesuccess, abundance, wealth and overflow God’s way.


Divine Alignment

  • The seven principles of Divine Alignment
  • The OverFlow Mindset Transformation Technique
  • How to boldly move into action.


Creating your OverFlow Economy

  • Packaging your coaching services as an OverFlow Certified Coach
  • Marketing
  • Pricing
  • Delivering your OverFlow Programs.

Here’s how we make this certification work for you:

  • You will participate in live trainings and Q&A Sessions with yours truly, Monique Caradine Kitchens, the founding OverFlow Coach.
  • You’ll have access to recordings of each module, all of which are delivered through a convenient, password protected online learning platform so you can replay at your leisure.
  • You get printable handouts that you can add to a binder or document file,making them easy for you to access or review.
  • Make your OverFlow Coach Training experience even more engaging by joining our private FaceBook Group where you can interact and peer coach with other OverFlow Certified Coaches.
  • BONUS #1: Receive ongoing implementation support and trainings for a full year after your training is complete.
  • BONUS #2: Receive tips through monthly emails on marketing yourself as an OverFlow Certified Coach.
  • BONUS #3: Receive a beautiful, color certificate that you can frame and proudly display in your office.

Coach La’Keisha Gray-Sewell

Becoming a Certified Overflow Coach was a pathway to harnessing my full power and potential as a thought leader, speaker, author and influencer.


The next OverFlow Coach Certification training starts Thursday, January 10, 2019.

Waiting is NOT a strategy for success.

Are you ready to join this movement?Are you ready to use God-inspired principles to help yourself or your clients transform their relationship with money and step into their OverFlow?

Yes! I want to become an OverFlow Certified Coach!


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    Coach Conchetta Jones

    The techniques I learned in the Overflow Certified Coach Training Program have helped me to be a better coach. Before the training I would tell my clients what I thought they should do. I was doing too much talking. The support I received from Monique gave me the skills to ask the right questions and hold my client as powerful. I also gained the confidence to market myself as a coach.

    My Personal 100% Guarantee.

    I want you to feel good about your investment in yourself through this program! That’s why, if after session #3 you are not completely satisfied with what you are learning, just let me know and I will gladly refund your money and remove you from this training.

    We are so excited to welcome you into this movement and the goal is for you to feel connected, supported and excited about sharing this message with the world. God bless you!

    Coach Necole Muhammad

    The Overflow Coaching Program gave me the tools I needed to shift between being a therapist to a coach. The program also provided the structure and necessary tools to help me not only meet my clients where they are, but empower them to take themselves to where they want to go!


    • Gia Claire

      Monique showed me how to command the dollars I wanted to earn. I stopped doing events for free and was able to value my own worth first - then expect others to pay for my highly skilled services!

    • Randryia Houston-Taylor

      Monique is exceptional at finding the jewels buried beneath years of false beliefs and negative experiences and instilling new, innovative ways of experiencing money. I have done more in 1 month towards my financial future than ever before.